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The alumni newsletter "Alumni Quartely" informs you about the topics from research and education at the University of Stuttgart and looks back on the highlights of the current quarter. It also offers a selection of events from the diverse range of semester events offered by the faculties. Just browse through the events – we look forward to your next visit on campus.

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"Made in Science" - The official podcast of the University of Stuttgart

Dr. Wolfgang Holtkamp, Senior Advisor International Affairs, meets with scientists, alumni, empolyees and students of the University of Stuttgart. His conversations are not solely focused on the current work of the podcast-guest, but also address their personality, inspiration and career.

All guest have in common that they have worked or studied or are still working/studying at the University of Stuttgart. That's why they are "Made in Science". How did they become what they are now? What would they do differently in retrospect? Rather Spätzle oder Maultaschen? These and other intriguing questions are asked by Holtkamp.

All podcast episodes are in english.

You can listen to all episodes by clicking on the following link.

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Alumni news

You would like to or visit a lecture or a seminar again? The current course program for guest auditors is now available for download. Feel free to take a look, register and experience the digital everyday life at the University.

For further information, click on the link below. All information are provided in the german language.


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University Sports has developed an online sports classes program for the winter term 2021/22. Hence, you can work out in the comfort of your own home. Non-university members are very welcome to join classes. 

You can find more information about the course program on the University Sports website [de].

The Department of Early Career Researchers and Diversity presents their new diversity concept “"Intelligent Through Diversity," which is now available in German and English. To enable equal opportunities in higher education, Rector Prof. Wolfram Ressel also signed the Charter of Diversity. The goal: Students, teaching staff, and all those active in the areas of science, administration, and technology can work in an environment that promotes diversity and is free of prejudice.


Further information about Diversity at the University of Stuttgart

On December 5th, a special event took place for all alumnae and alumni of the University of Stuttgart living in the USA. The members of the alumni network could either take part in a virtual wine tasting or bake cookies together.

A report was published in the university news.


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The alumni network has established country groups on LinkedIn. The intention is to give alumnae and alumni of the University of Stuttgart the opportunity of a lively exchange online, encouraging get-togethers in reality.

The following links lead directly to the LinkedIn-country groups:

Brazil, China, GermanyIndia, Korea and USA

The European Research Council will support the research of Prof. Tilman Pfau with an ERC Advanced Grant for his new approach to understanding fermionic matter with long-range interactions using innovative quantum gas microscopy techniques. The ERC Advanced Grants are highly-prestigious grants awarded to well-established, leading scientists with a track record of groundbreaking research achievements over the past decade.


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Dr.-Ing. Stefan Manuel Schaut is one of nine early career researchers from Baden-Wuerttemberg who received the Advancement Award of the Suedwestmetall Employers’ Association at an online event in Stuttgart on April 14, 2021. Schaut received the award for his dissertation at the University of Stuttgart on the topic “Optimization-Based Strategies for Thermal Management in Electric Vehicles”. In his dissertation, Schaut shows that one of the reasons why people still hesitate to switch to electric vehicles, is the shorter and more difficult-to-calculate range.

With the Advancement Award, Suedwestmetall has honored for more than 30 years outstanding achievements of early career researchers from the nine state universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg.


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The European Research Council (ERC) awarded Dr. Tim Langen from the 5th Institute of Physics and Dr. Marcel Pfeiffer from the Institute of Space Systems (IRS) at the University of Stuttgart one of the coveted ERC starting grants. The grants, each valued at EUR 1.5 million, are designed to support outstanding early career researchers in groundbreaking and visionary research. With the ERC Proof of Concept grant, Prof. Majid Hassanizadeh, a long-standing cooperation partner of the Department of Hydromechanics and Modeling of Hydrosystems as well as of the Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 1313, received a funding that enables past winners to take first steps towards technology transfer.


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The new issue of “forschung leben” deliberates the topic of “responsibility” as a research maxim. The focus is on researchers from the University of Stuttgart, who work at the interface between natural and engineering sciences and humanities and social sciences. Their research activities and findings constantly reflect and consider the economic, social, and cultural implications of their work.

How can we ensure that unfair or discriminating decision-making is prevented when using artificial intelligence? How do the ‘gene scissors’ CRISPR-Cas9 accelerate medical research, and should we involve laymen and women in the debate about genome editing? The new issue of ‘forschung leben’ addresses these and many other issues relating to the topic of responsibility.


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Selected events

Please note
The University of Stuttgart takes the call to avoid social contacts in order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus very seriously in its public events. Due to the current corona regulations, events may be cancelled or postponed at short notice. Some events will be taking place in digital form and are listed in the events calendar. 

The full content is available in German only. Please visit the German website to access all resources.

Serial Events

Would you like to get to know other alumnae and alumni of the University of Stuttgart and exchange ideas with them? Do you have questions regarding the alumni network "alumnius" or have you been wanting to get in touch with the University of Stuttgart for a long time? 

The "Alumni Global Hour" offers space for an open exchange with alumnae and alumni worldwide who would like to get in touch with the University of Stuttgart and with other alumnae and alumni. No registration necessary. 

Feel free to drop by the "Alumni Global Hour" – we are looking forward to see you!


Starting from May 2021, on every 7th of a month, the "Alumni Global Hour" will take place at 4 p.m. Stuttgart time. The next dates are:

  • Thursday, October 7th, 4 p.m., Special Guest: Johannes Schneider (Institute of Aircraft Design) on the subject of solar aircraft icaré


The "Alumni Global Hour" takes place in the Cisco Webex room of Katharina Averhage

Questions or ideas?

Feel free to contact us with ideas you would like to bring forward in the "Alumni Global Hour", or with questions you might have. Please see the box on the bottom of this page for all contact details. 


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With the event series Excellence in Dialogue, the name says it all. Visionary international guests enter into an interactive dialogue with researchers, students and employees at the University of Stuttgart. The first event "Nou breekt mijn klomp – 40 years of adventure in STEM“ took place in May 2021. The recording of the virtual event is now available online. The event series is annual and will return in 2022.

For the recording and more information about the dialogue series, please have a look at the link below.


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