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What does "alumni" mean?

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The term alumnus (m; Pl.:-i) respectively alumna (f.; Pl.:-ae) has its origin in the Latin language. It means "pupil", literally "the nurtured" (origin: alere: nurture). Today, the term alumnae/alumni refers to the graduates of a university or a similar educational institution. However, when actually used, the meaning of the term depends on the thematic context and the individual point of view. In a narrow sense, it may refer to graduates of a university. In a broader sense, it can include everybody connected to a university.

Definition of the University of Stuttgart

When talking about "alumnae/alumni of the University of Stuttgart", the University of Stuttgart includes all students who are currently enrolled at the university as well as to its former students. Furthermore, the alumni network is open to all members of the University of Stuttgart as well as to all its sponsors, partners and (former) guest researchers.


Vanessa Misirloglou


Representative Director of Alumni Relations


Alumni Team

Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24C, 70174 Stuttgart

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